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CrimeStopper TN-4550.SP

CrimeStopper TN-4550.SP

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2-Way FM/FM Car Alarm and Remote Start System with GPS Tracking Car Security Package

Condition: Brand New
Avilability: In Stock
MSRP: $649.95
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Product ID: 32619


TN-4005 - GSM Digital TrakNet with GPS Tracking Cellular and Internet Access (Pooled Messages)

Tracker Features

  • Three Wire Connection: Power, Ground and Ignition
  • Built-In Internal Antennas
  • Quad Band System (Us, Canada and Mexico)
  • Starter Disable Circuit
  • Door Unlock Circuit
  • Shows Speed, Heading and Street Address
  • Google Earth View and Virtual 3D Views
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Easy Zoom In and Zoom Out Feature
  • Downloadable History in Excel Format or PDF
  • Can be used for Buy Here Pay Here
  • Setup for Multi-Vehicle Monitoring
  • Multiple Vehicle Setup has Pooled Actions
  • Optional T-Harness Available for Direct Plug-In to OBD-II Connector for Power and Ground
Tracking Service Details
  • Customer Manually Tracks Their Vehicle
  • Semi Frequent Tracking
  • Tracks Via the Web
  • 500 Messages or Actions Included
  • Messages can be Pooled with Similar Devices
  • Customer Can Purchase Actions Online
  • One Year Web Service Plan
  • No Activation Fee
  • Customer Support
Plan Features
  • One Year Service Package Included
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Messages Can Be Added at any Time
  • Unused Messages Expire After One Year
  • NO Activation Fee
  • $49.95 Renewal Fee 2nd Year Plus 500 Actions
  • Additional messages can be added at any time in incriments of 500

SP-500 - 2-Way FM/FM Combo Alarm and Remote Start System

General Features

  • 2-Way Combination System
  • 2-Way FM/FM Paging Remote with LCD Graphics for Confirmation of Alarm Status, Violation and Remote Engine Start
  • Real Time LCD Clock
  • Enhanced White and Red LED Backlit Screen
  • Includes Sidekick Non-Paging Remote
  • 2-Way Data Port for Easier Installation
  • Dynamic Code Anti-Code Grabbing Protection
  • Code Learning Receiver
  • Audible and Visual Arm / Disarm with Intrusion Alert
  • Electronic Dual Stage / Dual Adjustment Shock Protection with Pre-Warning
  • Multi-Zone Trigger Protection
  • Defective Zone Bypass with Warning Chirps
  • 25W High-Power Mini Single Tone Siren
  • Remote Panic Protection
  • Built-In Starter Kill Relay
  • Built-In Parking Light Output
  • Valet/Programming Switch
  • Car-Jack Protection (Programmable)
  • Double Unlock Pulse (Programmable)
  • Dome Light Illumination
  • Parking Light Illumination on Arm and Disarm 6
  • Timed Start Mode
  • Temperature Start Mode
  • LED Status Indicator
  • LED Diagnostics for Last Zone Triggered
  • 2nd Vehicle Operation with Separate Car 1 /Car 2 Push Button
  • Dedicated Vehicle Horn-Honk Output
  • Passive or Active Arming (Programmable)
  • Active Re-Arming Mode (Programmable)
  • Auto Lock or Unlock with Ignition or RPM (Programmable)
  • Power Down Monitoring with NovRam Memory, Keeps System Status when Battery is Disconnected
  • Range Meter
  • Negative Door Lock Outputs
  • Separate Drivers Door Unlock Priority
  • (4) Remote Auxiliary Outputs: 2 Fixed,
  • 2 Programmable (Timed 2-255 Seconds Momentary or Latched On/Off)
  • Silent Arm/Disarm through the Remote
  • 1-3 Second Door Lock Pulse Time (Programmable)
  • 30 Programmable Options
Remote Start Highlights
  • Turbo Timer Mode: Allows Engine to Continue Running 1-5 Minutes After Key Removal (Requires Additional Switch not included in kit)
  • Ultra Smart Tachless Mode with Custom 80-100% Voltage Range Adjustment
  • Programmable Wake-Up Ignition Pulse on Unlock for Vehicles with Slam Locks
  • Timed Crank Mode (Pre-set Starter Cranking time in 4 Increments of 0.5-1.5 Seconds
  • Glow Plug Input or Programmable Timed Delay for Diesel Engines
  • (5) On-Board Remote Start Relays for Easy Installation: ACC, IGN, IGN2, START, and PARKING LIGHTS
  • Selectable Engine Speed Sensing: Smart Tachless or Tach (RPM) Learning
  • Remote Start Diagnostics
  • 3rd Start Output
  • Tach Finder Mode
  • Programmable Engine Run Time: 12, 24, 36 or 48 Minutes
  • Factory OEM Alarm Arm/Disarm Outputs
  • Negative Ignition Output for Additional Relays or Anti-Theft Bypass Modules
  • Hood Open Safety Circuit: Unit will not Remote Start If Hood is Open or Ajar
  • Foot Brake or Parking Brake Option
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